Engaging children at risk through community

Mobile Clubhouse in Jaffa







The Mobile Clubhouse will be equipped with fun activities and refreshments to bring to the many children in Jaffa who roam the streets after school.


Engage the children in healthy play, reduce their exposure to risk and delinquency, and provide support through Educational and Social Services.


Many of the children who roam the streets in Jaffa after school are exposed to crime, delinquent behaviors, vandalism, drugs, and other risks. This project will engage them in a healthy activity and provide support.


There are four community centers situated in Jaffa which offer a variety of worthwhile enrichment activities for children after school. These centers are located in different parts of Jaffa yet fail to attract the general population. In some cases, the community center is located far from where young people naturally gather. Play is an important part of child development. Being exposed to different stimuli and participating in different activities is an important part of the development process. Children learn to identify their strengths and how to share; they develop motor skills, teamwork, perseverance, and communication skills.


4,458 children, aged 6-12, live in Jaffa

Many children in Jaffa, especially from the Arab community, roam the streets from the early afternoon (after school) until evening due to a lack of parental supervision, limited availability or use of community services in the local area, and a lack of structured activities stemming from the families’ low socio-economic status. There, they are exposed to crime, delinquent behaviors, and other risks. Many commit vandalism and other anti-social behaviors, and some are recruited as drug traffickers. Because these children do not access the community centers nearby, it is important to bring the community center to them. In addition to engaging them in fun and age-appropriate activities, the presence of a responsible adult who can provide appropriate support and guidance is vital.


The Mobile Clubhouse will be a vehicle equipped with fun activities and refreshments to bring to the many children in Jaffa who roam the streets after school. It will contain PlayStation games, music equipment, board games, beanbags The operators of the vehicle will also provide supervision and support to the children, referring them to additional social services where required.

The Mobile Clubhouse is designed to serve elementary school-aged children (6-12 years old) who roam the streets without any structured after-school activities. It will operate from Sunday to Thursday from 4.00 pm until 9.00 pm. It will move from place to place but focus on areas where children are known to congregate, such as local parks and Jaffa Port. The Mobile Clubhouse will operate under the auspices of one of the existing community centers in Jaffa. It will be managed by a full-time coordinator and four part-time Clubhouse staff. They will work in conjunction with Education and Social Services staff to enable case management for individual children where required.

The project goals and related success indicators are as follows:

– Goal Success Indicator Reduce children’s exposure to risk and delinquency.

– An increase of at least 50% in the number of children engaging with the Mobile Clubhouse from the start of the year until the end of the year. Facilitate adult supervision and assistance.

– Children and counselors form significant connections.

– Refer cases to Education and social services, as required.

– High-risk cases identified and referred for additional support.

– Improve the quality of life for children and residents in the community.

– Reduction of complaints to the 106+ call center and the 100 call center.

– An increase in residents’ satisfaction.


The requested donation is over three years to ensure the children receive proper support to create a lasting impact.

Total Cost for 1st Year (Including the purchase of a vehicle, program staff, and training, equipment, and supplies) $225,000

Total Cost for 2nd and 3rd Year (Including program staff and training, equipment, and supplies) $172,000

Total Cost for 3 Years $397,000

Contribution from the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo $198,500


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