• 1977

    The Tel Aviv Foundation was founded as an idea – a way to raise resources to transform the first Hebrew city for the benefit of its residents. Shlomo “Cheech” Lahat, the eighth mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, envisioned a vibrant, thriving and pluralistic city filled with cultural, educational and economic opportunities for people across Israel. As “the pulse of the nation,” Cheech looked to establish the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo as the center of Israel’s commerce and industry, education and culture, the arts, recreation and more.

    Cheech learned first-hand from the Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek, about the benefits of establishing a fundraising organization for a city. Thus, together with his friend, Ted Arison, he established the Tel Aviv Foundation as an innovative model, working to secure resources, develop relationships and establish partnerships, alongside the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

  • 1980

    The Tel Aviv Foundation established a network of gardens, parks and playgrounds to enhance neighborhoods and build communities. These green areas served as a meeting point for residents and families to come together to meet, relax and have fun.

  • 1981

    Ted Arison proved his dedication to the Foundation was boundless and following a meeting with Mayor Lahat, committed to establishing the Foundation’s first international office in New York. With Ted Arison at the helm of its overseas operations, the Foundation expanded with the influx of international partners.

  • 1987

    Marking the first 10 years of its operations, the Foundation was successful in promoting the spirit and imagination that led to the establishment of institutions and programs uniting the city in mutual goals and shared sources of pride.

  • 1988-89

    Bolstering Tel Aviv-Yafo’s cultural offerings, three of the city’s most prominent cultural institutions were established: The Lin & Ted Arison Israel Conservatory of Music, one of Israel’s most prestigious music schools; The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, the premier presenter of Israeli and international contemporary dance companies; The Tel Aviv Cinematheque, famous for its eclectic programming which features classical works by well-known directors, mainstream productions and avant-garde art films. Tel Aviv-Yafo became known as the cultural heart of Israel, exposing citizens to the widest range of culturally enriching activities.

  • 1990-95

    Looking to strengthen the connection between the diaspora and the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo, the Foundation expanded its operations overseas establishing offices in the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. The new partners and resources provided the impetus the Foundation needed for renewed fervor in transforming the city.

  • 1998

    When Ron Huldai was elected as the tenth mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, the city was in a difficult financial situation and struggled to retain residents looking to leave the city. Mayor Huldai set out to establish Tel Aviv as the epicenter of Israeli culture and economy. Consequently, he looked to donors around the world for assistance in transformational projects that would elevate the city in the eyes of Israelis.

  • 2000s

    The Tel Aviv Foundation enables a range of projects, including opening the HEMDA Center for Science Education, increasing investment in early childhood, and extending support to the asylum seeker population.

  • 2003

    Tel Aviv’s “White City” designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an initiative supported by the Tel Aviv Foundation

  • 2009

    The Tel Aviv Foundation joins the City and residents of Tel Aviv in marking Tel Aviv’s Centennial with a wide variety of projects, programs, and initiative

  • 2017

    The Tel Aviv Foundation celebrates 40 years of transformational impact, having established over 600 projects, raised $550 million worldwide, and touched the lives of millions.

  • 2020

    Opening its biggest project to date, The Sylvan Adams National Velodrome, the Tel Aviv Foundation enters new fields to strengthen social responsibility and the resilience of the city, such as nutritional security for children and new financial tools by successfully piloting a digital city currency.

  • 2021

    The Tel Aviv Foundation acts swiftly, providing an immediate and community-specific response, aiding those most affected by the Covid-19 global crisis. The mayor’s Emergency Fund offers immediate support in food, medicine, emergency care, personal hygiene necessities, toys for children, elderly assistance, and operates a volunteer workforce.