Hamakom – Creative jewish space in tel aviv, designed by frank gehry






The Jewish-Israeli identity moves on the axis between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is a holy city that sanctifies the past. Tel Aviv is a Talmudic city that sanctifies the controversies that define the future. Tel Aviv is famed as a cosmopolitan metropolis, the “city that never sleeps”, the first Hebrew city, and the symbol of the uniqueness of Israeli Jews.

According to McKinsey & Company, the city of Tel Aviv lacks an iconic architectural landmark, drawing visitors and international attention while serving as a new visual symbol for the city. Though Tel Aviv harbors honorable cultural institutes, none of them are a “must visit” for tourists and locals together. Tel Aviv is known as the hub of the Start-Up nation, yet lacks a comprehensive exhibition about it. Offering immersive experiences built around key ideas that have shaped Jewish and Israeli life – encouraging visitors to explore the Great Jewish Ideas through dilemma and debate. Asking questions rather than giving answers.

Hamakom will be a new major cultural lighthouse in its essence, incorporating the entire Jewish, Zionist, Israeli, and Tel Aviv enterprise. A place that pays homage to the past, yet is focused on the present and future. A place that integrates Israeli innovation, new media & arts, cutting-edge technology & scientific achievements, architecture, theater, multiple exhibitions, and social spaces, all into one new type of cultural institution.


The exhibition space will invite visitors to encounter key ideas and dilemmas that have shaped Jewish and Israeli life. Through a combination of advanced technologies, art, and metaverse, HaMakom will present texts, images, sound, and movement.


HaMakom will spread over 20,000 m2, offering interactive exhibitions and designated spaces for cultural experiences and creatives ateliers, cutting-edge programming geared to both adults and children.

On the grounds of HaMakom – a curated sculptures garden, amphitheaters, early childhood center, and artist’s residencies.

HaMakom will showcase its unique content in three distinct spaces: an engaging Exhibition Space that will take up to 2/3 of the place, a major Cultural Space to enrich the visitors, and a Creative Space for international & local artists.

HaMakom will uniquely integrate visual, plastic, and musical arts of the highest level, designed to reflect HaMakom’s distinct content into the spaces.


– Includes amphitheaters (external and internal), conference facilities, music, and dance performances, and exhibitions.

– Lectures, debates, international conferences on Jewish and Israeli topics history, culture, and current events.

– Annual Cultural Series: concerts, theater, and film screenings inspired by the exhibition themes.

–  Tourist Information Center and Lounge for visitors.

–  Innovative Early Childhood Center, for Tel Aviv residents


For Israeli and international artists specializing in the arts,  music, dance, theater and cinema, inspired by the exhibition space. Includes galleries, workshops, gardens and artist residences


Initial content planning: 2018-2020

Content development: 2021-2023

Construction & exhibit design: 2022-2028

Cornerstone: September 2023 Opening: 2028/2029

Fundraising: 2018-2029

Capital costs for building and exhibits: 450 Million USD

Maintenance & operations fund: USD 200 Million +

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