Strengthening at-risk families in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Family Mental Health Center







The neighborhoods of Hatikva, Ezra, and Haargazim, located in southeast Tel Aviv, have a growing population of approximately 40,000 residents. This low-socioeconomic area thus faces increasing strain on its already poor infrastructure. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that residents with the education or
means to move are leaving the neighborhood and being replaced by people with backgrounds
characterized by disadvantage or distress.


– Many families living in these neighborhoods are trapped in inter-generational cycles of poverty.
– There is a high prevalence of poor parenting in families in distress, characterized by neglect, violence,
behavioral problems in children, and low utilization of support services.
– The current services available in the community do not sufficiently meet the complex needs of the population.
– The community requires services that are accessible, target multiple generations, and offer a wide range of approaches, including psychological, psycho-educational, counseling, and mediation, at an individual, family, and community level.


The Family Mental Health Center is designed to provide a range of therapies to children aged 6-18 and
their families. It aims to:
– Reduce or prevent risk factors for children by strengthening their family situation;
– Rehabilitate relationships between parents and children;
– Equip parents with skills and knowledge to support healthy child development and prevent further neglect or abuse.

The Center’s points of distinction are its accessibility, flexibility, and adaptability. It will offer:
– Holistic and individualized care plans which meet the needs of the child, the parents, and the family as a unit, and include a variety of creative therapeutic tools.
– Continuity of care for children (and their families) regardless of age, to eliminate the need to change
service providers as they move into a different age group.
– Education and training for parents.
– Group therapy for children and teenagers.
– Access to a range of care professionals and community services outside the center.
– Partnerships between healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible care solutions.

Family Mental Health Centers have already been established in the neighborhoods of Yafo Gimel, Kiriat Shalom, Kfar Shalem and Shapira and proved to be highly successful.


Family Mental Health Centers operate in existing community centers and this model will be replicated. There are two ways to provide the services of a Family Mental Health Center:

1. Create and operate a new Family Mental Health Center with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to
provide the full suite of services to the selected neighborhoods.
Cost: $150,000

2. Reallocate a limited number of professionals from an existing Family Mental Health Center to provide mental health services to one neighborhood.
Cost: $60,000

Your donation will improve the lives and well-being of children in distress.

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