Providing oral health care to those who cannot afford it

Dental care for the elderly






There are approximately 67,000 senior citizens currently living in Tel Aviv–Yafo, including over 15,000 Holocaust survivors, a significant proportion of who live at or below the poverty line. With the rising cost of living, many cannot afford the costs of personal care and often sacrifice proper oral health, which leads to more significant problems, such as tooth extractions and dentures. Every year, hundreds of seniors are diagnosed with critical oral conditions. For those suffering from tooth loss, their quality of life is diminished due to difficulties with eating (which can lead to nutrient deficiency, weight loss, jaw and gum pain), speech, and interpersonal communication. It can also significantly impact one’s self-esteem. The approximate cost of the dental procedures for tooth removal, obtaining dentures or personalized prosthetics, and proper after-care is significantly beyond the means of those reliant on social security. The Social Services Administration of the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo works with a clinic through Tel Aviv University’s School of Dentistry to provide subsidized high-quality dental care to senior citizens who need it most. The clinic helps many seniors with oral pain prevention so that they can eat, chew, taste, and maintain oral health. Treatment considerably improves their quality of life by also restoring their dignity and confidence.

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