The Social Food Market provides food security for asylum seekers, refugees, and work immigrants, distributing food via a dignified shopping experience.

The market contains dry food items, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and baby food, offers a high-quality, healthy variety of foods, and includes nutritional guidance with easy-to-make recipes.


The Tel Aviv Foundation, in cooperation with Mesila, Lasova, and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, is committed to supporting the 35,200 stateless residents, most of them asylum seekers from Africa, many of them parents of children and infants, who live in abject poverty. Fleeing their homelands, most of them arrived in Tel Aviv-Yafo without a penny to their name and today live in vast scarcity, working long shifts, sometimes late into the night, doing manual labor.


Stateless, they are in dire need of our help. The Social Food Market is there for them – providing food security with the promise that they do not need to worry about where their next meal will come from while helping them lead a better and healthier life. 


Quick Facts About the Market: 


The food includes dry and packaged food, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, and baby food.

Most food products are received from NGO’s such as Leket Yisrael and Latet as well as donations from traders and farmers who donate the food.

The Market is spacious, bright, and dignified and operates based on the customer selection model.

The Market’s staff includes a store manager, coordinator, nutritionist, and volunteers who work tirelessly to better the lives of those who walk through the doors of the Social Food Market.