Fleeing Eritrea at age 17, crossing the desert for over a month, I found the beginning of my new life in Tel Aviv-Yafo. It is here where I met my husband, a refugee as well, and gave birth to 3 children, all of whom are now attending Municipal schools.

Today, working at the Social Food Market, which provides food security for asylum seekers, refugees, and work immigrants, I can give back.

Over 35,200 stateless residents live in abject poverty and scarcity in the city. Stateless, they are in dire need of our help. The Social Food Market is there for them – providing food security via a dignified shopping experience, helping them lead a better and healthier life.

The Market, supported by the Tel Aviv Foundation, ensures that they need not worry about where their next meal will come from, embodying one of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s core values “Arvut Aadadit” – Mutual responsibility.

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