New Beit Lessin Theater opens

02 February 2021

With the recent opening of the new Beit Lessin theater came the announcement that it has been generously supported by Israeli-Peruvian donor, Baruch Ivcher. The brand new building contains two state-of-the theaters and is located on the corner of Frishman and Dizengoff streets, reflecting the centrality of Beit Lessin Theater to Tel Aviv’s and Israel’s cultural life.

Baruch Ivcher is an Israeli-born businessman and an important public figure and human rights activist in Peru. He is an exemplary example of an Israeli who has been successful globally, and still maintains a warm and close relationship with Israel and contributes to Israeli society.

Mr. Ivcher was born in 1940 in Hadera, and served in the IDF in the Signal Corps. In 1967, he graduated from the Hebrew University Law School and opened a law firm in his hometown. Shortly thereafter, he pursued a two-year business opportunity in Peru, and has remained there to this day. He opened a small factory in Peru, and later established an “Open House” which hosted Israeli travelers.

In 1984, Mr. Ivcher received Peruvian citizenship, and his business ventures continued to prosper. He turned his interest to the media industry, and by the early 1990’s he was the owner of the second-largest television station in Peru. As a valiant warrior for freedom of expression, Mr. Ivcher nurtured journalistic freedom among his station’s reporters, who had exposed corruption in the government leadership, with direct relation to drug trafficking. In an attempt to silence the station’s critical voice, the dictatorial Peruvian regime began a campaign of persecution and false accusation against Mr. Archer, including claims of treason that carry a death penalty. In 1997, the regime withdrew his citizenship and confiscated all his property and businesses.

During this period, while residing in Herzliya and in Miami, Mr. Ivcher received strong support for his brave stance from the U.S. Congress and in Europe.

After years of effort, Mr. Ivcher won a trial against the Peruvian government in the International Court in Costa Rica. After the fall of the dictatorial regime and the President’s exile from Peru, Mr. Ivcher returned to Peru, regaining his citizenship and property.

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