Supporting children at risk with music

Tuned Tune program

$3,300 / $198,000






The Tuned Tune program offers singing and musical instrument lessons to children at risk who live in boarding schools and foster families.


Expand the program and increase the number of participants.


Research shows that music has a therapeutic influence and contributes to individual development and empowerment – especially for children at risk.


The Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, is a leading and well-recognized educational institution for music in Israel that attracts musicians and music lovers from across the country and around the world. In recent years the Conservatory has expanded its community engagement activities, particularly with communities in need. In the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to access music, despite their life circumstances, the Conservatory developed the Tuned Tune program. It provides musical education to children at risk to help address their emotional and behavioral challenges.


Approximately 25,000 children at risk between the ages of 5-18 live in boarding schools and youth villages run by the Ministry of Welfare in Israel. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of children at risk, beyond those residing in boarding schools and youth villages. Many children defined as ‘at-risk’ can also be found in morning and afternoon educational programs, day boarding institutions, and youth centers throughout the country. Research shows that music can have a therapeutic influence and contribute to individual development and empowerment. Playing music contributes to children’s self-confidence; offers a means of expression and a support structure they would not otherwise have, and cultivates important skills and qualities like persistence and teamwork. This is especially the case for at-risk groups. One Israeli study of at-risk children showed that music had a significant positive impact on their cognitive development and social skills; that the children benefited from the connectedness provided in one-on-one lessons; and that performing gave them feelings of success and satisfaction. Another study reflects the feeling of belonging that group music-making offers. Playing in a group enables a person to express one’s self, listen to one’s self, and listen to others. Music also helps to integrate at-risk children socially through the social responsibility required when playing in a group.


The Tuned Tune program offers singing and musical instrument lessons to children at risk. Group lessons are offered to younger children and those who benefit more from group teaching. Individual lessons are also available. These lessons are taught by Conservatory teachers who have specific experience and expertise working with at-risk populations. A team of volunteers helps to manage the program and act as a support system. Participants are able to borrow musical instruments and equipment through the Conservatory, as well as access a range of activities offered by the Conservatory, including ensembles, performances, and public concerts. These activities also expose a broader audience of at-risk children to music, beyond those who are learning to play an instrument or sing.A major benefit of the program is the fact that it is situated at the Conservatory, enabling the participants to become immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of a top music institution and interact with other music students.


The Tuned Tune program was established in 2016 in cooperation with two boarding schools in Tel Aviv for children aged 7-18, by offering interested children the opportunity to study music. In the first year, all 28 children. who wished to participate in the program did so (representing approximately 16.5% of children from Tel Aviv boarding schools). Participants chose their own instrument, including piano, trumpet, oboe, flute, guitar, drums, and singing. In one boarding house, a vocal ensemble was formed; in the other boarding house, recording studio software was installed, which was extremely popular.


Many children found in music a means for self-expression, and have become passionate about music. Some of them have already participated in concerts in the Conservatory or in events at their boarding school; the ability to perform in front of an audience is a very positive indicator of success. Many children report meaningful relationships with their teachers. Boarding school staff also report that the program has had a positive impact on participants and enables meaningful achievements. Sixty percent of participants complete the year-long program, which is similar to music students in the general population.


Given the impact to date and the importance of music education, The Conservatory aims to give every at-risk child who is interested the opportunity to participate in the Tuned Tune program.

Program goals include:
1. Developing the musical ability of existing participants and extending their
participation in the program.
2. Increase the number of program participants to 50.
3. Strengthen cooperation with the various institutional frameworks.
4. Create, in conjunction with the Israel Ministry of Education, a national musical ensemble with children from boarding schools from across the country.
5. Replicate the program in boarding schools and youth centers throughout the country.


To date, the Tuned Tune program was supported by the Conservatory and its Friends Association. The Azrieli Foundation supported the program in its initial stage along with several private donors and funds. In order to expand the program and deepen its impact, the Tel Aviv Foundation and Israel Conservatory of Music seek additional funding. There are two ways to support the ‘Tuned Tune’ program:

1. Support a Student. Includes full tuition, musical instrument, and support structure. $3,300 per year
2. Support the Program. Help us develop and expand the program to an additional 20 students for three years. $198,000 (three years.)

Help us develop and expand the program to an additional 20 students for three years.


Founded in 1945, The Lin and Ted Arison Israel Music Conservatory is well known and appreciated in Israel and abroad as a leading school of music. The Conservatory is a non-profit institution recognized by the Ministry of Education. The Conservatory aims to provide outstanding and comprehensive musical education from initial to advanced stages. A highly qualified and trained team of teachers instructs more than 1000 children aged 3-18. We teach them to feel, love, and understand music; help them choose the right instrument, and encourage them to dedicate time to practice and to wrestle with challenges. Each student is given a personal program to fit his/her capabilities and pace. Toddlers are offered an initial acquaintance with music by pre-instrument lessons. Students enjoy a comprehensive practical and theoretical program. They participate in ensembles, orchestras, choirs, and competitions and thus get the opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

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