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The Economics & Management building at the Academic College of Tel Aviv







The Building for Economics and Management houses the School of Economics and Management, which seeks to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible Israeli economy.


The School of Economics and Management offers students practical experience alongside theoretical studies, as well as meaningful ways to contribute to low socio-economic neighborhoods and residents which surround it.


The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo (MTA) is a fully accredited public higher education institution with a mission to harness its resources for the benefit of society. It was founded in 1994 by the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv University, and the Israel Council of Higher Education. (CHE). MTA aims to combine academic excellence with social responsibility through three pillars – experiential learning applied research and social commitment – and to advance Yafo’s diverse community. The Central Bureau of Standards recognize the College for its excellent academic standards, high student grades, and the second-highest average post-graduation income.

Located in Yafo, only a short distance from central Tel Aviv, MTA is at the epicenter of Israel’s most populous coastal region. Yafo is home to a diverse population: Arabs and Jews, established and immigrant communities. Educational opportunities in this area have historically been both inadequate and untapped. The area’s cultural and religious diversity, which has been a source of pride for decades, is also the source of socio-economic challenges such as poverty and unemployment. MTA has a ripple effect on entire communities in Tel Aviv-Yafo (and beyond) due to the way it breaks down barriers between academia and society. MTA has 4,000 students and over 15,000 alumni.

Academic streams include six undergraduate programs and nine graduate programs which all have earned excellent academic reputations and are considered among the most prestigious in the country. The various programs are conducted in full cooperation with stakeholders from local and international academia, the business sector, high-tech industries, entrepreneurs, government and municipal offices, and community and civil society organizations. In recognition of the impact of MTA’s students on society through their various activities, the Israeli Council of Higher Education awarded MTA the 2015 prize for social and community commitment and involvement.


The development of a major academic institution in Yafo has been a key element in the Municipality’s effort to rejuvenate the area. The Economics and Management Building was constructed to house the School of Economics and Management, which seeks to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible Israeli economy. One of the School’s points of distinction is the way it involves students with the various entities that constitute the Israeli economy, alongside their theoretical studies. This includes work experience with state institutions, such as the Ministry of Economics; internships with both established high-tech companies and startups; and exposure to social business initiatives.

MTA School of Economics and Management is also helping to transform an underdeveloped sector of the city by providing learning opportunities to the residents of Yafo and southern Tel Aviv through community interaction and outreach programming.


The School of Economics and Management offers seven-degree programs, including B.A. in Economics and Management, B. Sc. in Information Systems, M.A. in Organizational Management and Consulting, and International M.B.A. in Social Impact. The School also leads joint applied research projects with scholars and business leaders from Israel and around the world, including through its Institute for the Advancement of Social Innovation. Students have the opportunity to develop social business ideas through the Social Business Entrepreneurship Center and to participate in international collaborations.


The Building for Economics and Management is a five-story, 6,729 square meter facility designed to create an optimal learning space that integrates into the campus and the surrounding city. It contains lecture halls, classrooms, an auditorium, and faculty office space. The building adheres to ‘green’ standards and includes energy-conserving features and natural building materials. Green buildings are designed to efficiently use energy, water, and other resources while reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation.
Erected in 2010, the building is currently unnamed. This presents a unique opportunity to a donor who shares the vision and mission of MTA and wishes to support pioneering academic programs that promote a more sustainable and socially responsible Israeli economy.



Self-income $6,239,172
State Funding $5,619,586


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