Ensuring proper nutrition and well-being of students by providing hot meals daily

Supporting the Bialik-Rogozin School Nutrition Program







The Bialik-Rogozin School educates over a thousand students from grades 1-12 from predominately
impoverished southern neighborhoods in Tel Aviv from a wide range of demographic groups. The
school aims to provide opportunities for students to obtain employment, establish a normative family
life and develop a sense of belonging to their community and Israeli Society. The efforts of the school
are guided by a set of operating principles in order to ensure each student graduates from high school and creates a better future for themselves.

The school seeks to provide supervised social interaction, cultural enrichment, extra-academic skills, and a safe environment – elements that are often lacking in the neighborhoods where the students reside. Because many of the students and their families struggle with poverty, discrimination, social exclusion, and
intergenerational difficulties, they lack the resources needed to make healthy lifestyle choices and often struggle to find acceptance into Israel’s mainstream culture. Joint efforts with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, the Ministry of Education, and dedicated volunteers seek to respect each student’s cultural heritage while socializing and educating them to become healthier, more responsible citizens.


The Tel Aviv Foundation seeks to launch and develop The Bialik-Rogozin School Nutrition Program to
serve students hot lunch to ensure proper nutrition and wellbeing. The initiative will serve 170 students one hot meal per day for 150 days per school year. The Program aims to build on the school’s vision to create ‘a home away from home’, and provide students access to nutritious meals that will ensure they are given proper energy and focus to excel in the classroom and in society.

The Nutrition Program will:
– Guarantee proper nutrition enabling students to focus in school.
– Grant students access and education to healthy nutrition.
– Improve childhood nutrition and our collective health as a society
– Enable students to lead active lifestyles.

The Hot Nutritious Lunch Program will leverage the Bialik-Regozin collaborative and information-driven approach. The school’s committed task force of devoted professionals and government officials
will assist in realizing the school’s vision.


Total project cost: $96,900
Money allocated by the Municipality, Department of Education and families: *$12,920

* The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality will subsidize the high school students’ meals
**One meal per day: $3.80/student, 150 days per school year for 170 students

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