Giving at-risk children vital STEM education opportunities








Upgrade two study centers and install computers at the Tel Baruch and Beit HaYeled children’s homes. Objective Support the STEM educational opportunities for at-risk children to help build a brighter future.


The upgrade and installation of technology equipment will directly impact 165 children every year.


The Tel Baruch and Beit HaYeled children’s homes provide housing and/or care for 165 at-risk children between the ages of 6-18 who can no longer live at home, often due to court order. The children come from diverse backgrounds – religious, secular, Jewish and non-Jewish – and many of them are siblings. The Homes provide the children with warmth, security, and support for their emotional, physical and educational needs. Most of the children have behavioral problems, social and learning difficulties. The dedicated and multi-disciplinary staff work 24/7 to attend to the children’s needs, helping them integrate into normative
society. The children are divided into eight apartments, organized according to age, which have a homely feel.

Unlike other children’s homes in Israel, which are run by non-profit organizations, the Tel Baruch and Beit HaYeled children’s homes are funded and operated by the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo. This demonstrates the city’s deep care for, and investment in, the well-being of every resident. Further, the administration primarily responsible for the children’s homes is the Education Administration, not the Social Services Administration, demonstrating the Municipality’s focus on improving the children’s educational outcomes in addition to their welfare, to create a brighter future.

The quality of the care received by the children is reflected in their educational and social outcomes:

– Children can study at any school in the city, based on the child’s needs, not based on the location of the children’s home.
– Children participate in the Scouts youth movement and become leaders.
– 82% of students matriculate, which is considerably higher than the 25%
the national average for children’s homes.
– 100% of eligible graduates join the Israel Defense Forces.


Both the Tel Baruch and Beit HaYeled children’s homes include a study center where children work on homework and receive educational support. Specialized teachers and volunteers come every day to provide additional tutoring, exam preparation and other assistance to the children, based on their individual needs.
Currently, both study centers are inadequate and are in need of an upgrade. Moreover, they do not contain any computers, which severely limits the children’s learning opportunities, especially in STEM subjects as they do not have any access to technology tools outside of school. The children’s apartments at Beit HaYeled are also not equipped with computers, limiting the children’s educational and recreational opportunities.

STEM education is a gateway to engineering and high tech – critical and highly valued professions in the Start-Up Nation as well as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). STEM expertise is instrumental to both Israel’s defense and economy, from cyber warfare to technological innovation.


The project involves upgrading the two study centers and installing new computers, equipment and required furniture and infrastructure in the study centers and eight apartments at the Tel Baruch and Beit HaYeled children’s homes.

The upgrade to the two study centers will include:

– Fixing flooring and ceiling panels
– Painting
– New finishings, including curtains
– Laying technology infrastructure
– New furniture.

The two study centers will be equipped with:
– 14 desktop computers
– 2 laptops
– 2 color printers
– 2 projectors.

The apartments will also be equipped with 16 new desktop computers.


The 32 computers provided to Tel Baruch and Beit HaYeled children’s homes and accompanying study center upgrade, will directly impact the 165 children every year by supporting their education and helping to build a brighter future.


Project Cost – Tel Baruch $ 30,000
Project Cost – Beit HaYeled $ 60,000
Total Project Cost $ 90,000
Management Fee $ 10,000
Contribution from the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo $ 100,000


The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo will match the requested donation through tutoring and educational support.

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