Supporting children and adults with disabilities and their families

Respite center for people with disabillities







Build and equip a respite center for people with disabilities on the third floor of a planned Municipal rehabilitation center for children aged 0-3 with physical and developmental disabilities.


Provide respite to families with a child or adult in their care with a disability.


Respite is a very important contributor to family wellbeing and gives parents the confidence that their child/adult with a disability is being well looked after.


Every child or adult with a disability who lives at home with their parents (or in a foster home) is entitled to short-term stays in a supported environment through Respite Services. Families can receive up to 15 days per year of respite and, in special circumstances, up to 60 days per year in case of a family emergency, personal crisis, family vacation, or following medical treatment. Respite is available throughout the year for single or consecutive days, on festivals or vacation periods. Respite offers a holistic therapeutic experience to support the person’s physical, medical, emotional, and social needs.


Over 15,000 residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo receive disability support through social security, of which 2,000 are under the age of 18. This represents some 4,000 households in the city with a family member with a disability. There are no respite facilities in Tel Aviv-Yafo, which means families must access facilities elsewhere in the country. They face waiting lists and the need to travel places an additional burden on these families. Respite is a very important contributor to family wellbeing. It enables parents to go on vacation abroad or deal with illnesses or other crises with the confidence that their child/adult with a disability is being well looked after; it reduces stress and burnout for parents who care for a child/adult requiring a high level of care; and it creates opportunities for parents who have multiple children to spend quality time with those who do not have a disability.


The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo is planning to build a two-story rehabilitation center on an 850 square meter plot of land in the HaMashtela neighborhood in north Tel Aviv. The rehabilitation center is designed for children aged 0-3 with physical and developmental disabilities. There is a unique opportunity to leverage this project and build an additional floor to create a respite center to serve people with a disability in the city.
The respite center is designed to comprise five bedrooms with bathrooms and showers to accommodate 10 people, a multi-purpose room, kitchen and living room. The center will be staffed by a manager, day caregiver, night caregiver, and center “mom”. The respite center will include a program to teach young adults independent daily living skills during their stay at the center, in order to prepare them for adulthood and future independent or supported living. The operation of the respite center will be funded by the Israel Ministry of Welfare and the Municipality of Tel Aviv Yafo.


The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo is funding the construction of floors 1-2 of the building.                  Contribution from the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo (floors 1-2) $ 3,000,000
Respite Center – Total Cost $ 1,000,000
Management Fee $ 100,000


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