Creating an effective learning environment for youth at risk

Renovation at Beit Chinuch Guela high school







Renovate the whole building of Beit Chinuch Geula High School, including upgrading interiors for all classrooms and
shared spaces.


Create an optimal learning environment for the students of Beit Chinuch Geula High School, most of whom are considered youth at-risk.


The renovation of Beit Chinuch Geula High School will impact all 157 students who study there, from Grades 9-12.


Beit Chinuch Geula is a special high school (grades 9-12) for youth at risk, distinguished by small classes and individualized teaching and support. The school caters to students who struggle to succeed in standard educational frameworks. It focuses on providing a supportive environment, cultivating students’ individual interests and strengths, providing a real-world education, and helping them to achieve matriculation. Indeed, over the past few years, the school has doubled its matriculation rate and halved its drop-out rate. Beit Chinuch Geula caters to students with a range of learning difficulties, most of whom come from low socio-economic backgrounds and have limited family support. It also has a special track for students who are deaf or have a hearing disability. The student body is very diverse and includes Jewish students, children of asylum seekers, refugees and foreign workers, as well as Muslim and Christian families from Jaffa.

The school has four programs that focus on real-world application:

1. Technology Studies, which aims to equip students with the skills to enter the high-tech sector in the future;
2. Art & Digital Design;
3. Digital Photography;
4. Vocational Studies, a unique program that enables students to learn business management through an internship.

In addition, the school emphasizes informal educational opportunities, extracurricular activities, and teaching life skills to provide students with a more holistic educational experience.


The building which houses Beit Chinuch Geula High School is almost 100 years old. While it has undergone various extensions and upgrades, it is in dire need of a total renovation.


Until this year, Beit Chinuch Geula High School was part of the ORT education network. However, now that the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo has assumed responsibility for the school, it is planning a major renovation of its facilities. Because the original building is 100 years old, the building is subject to conservation requirements. Therefore, the renovation is focused on upgrading the interiors and new furniture for all classrooms and shared spaces. The renovation is designed to create an optimal learning environment for these high-needs students.


The renovation of Beit Chinuch Geula High School will impact all 157 students who study there.


The Tel Aviv Foundation is seeking a philanthropic investment towards the renovation of Beit Chinuch Geula High School. The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo will match the donation.

Total Project Cost $1,900,000
Contribution by Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality $1,000,000
Management Fee $100,000

Requested Donation $1,000,000

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