Providing food security for children in need

Nutrition program, for children at risk







Provide daily nutrition and nourishment to children from disadvantaged families in two special education schools.


Support children’s well-being, health, and development through increased food security.


The program will impact 250 children. Investment The requested donation is $630,000 for three years.


The Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo manages two special education elementary schools (Education Administration) for children from low socioeconomic neighborhoods and children at risk. These centers are critical to the welfare of the children who attend but are in danger of closing. The two special education schools are the Shvilim School in Jaffa and Masada School in Ezorey Hen neighborhood in the north of Tel Aviv.

Shvilim School caters to 75 students, ages 6-12, with particular emotional behavioral conditions. While the school is located in Jaffa, the students come from Hatikva, Ha’argazim, Tel Kabir, Neve Sha’anan and Jaffa – all very low socio-economic neighborhoods. The families are recipients of social services and some of them do not even have proper housing; they live in storerooms that have been converted into makeshift homes. Masada School caters to 175 students, ages 6-12, with major learning disabilities. While the school is located in north Tel Aviv, the students come from Neve Sha’anan and Jaffa, both very low socio-economic neighborhoods in the south of Tel Aviv.


Due to the distance between their neighborhood of residence and the location of the school, the students of Shvilim and Masada special education schools need to travel one hour each way to get to school and back home. They travel by bus because their parents are working to eke out a living and are unable to transport them. Lunch is not currently provided at the school, so students often find themselves hungry at the end of the school day. This results in violence on the bus. The children come from homes with a range of difficulties, including low food security or poor nutrition: they may not know when their next meal will be. Key to supporting their well-being is providing appropriate nutrition and nourishment.


Shvilim and Masada special education schools need to provide one hot meal per day – lunch – in order to ensure the children receive the nutrition and nourishment they need. This may be the only hearty meal they have in the day as many come to school without having breakfast and may not eat a proper meal at home. The food comes packaged from a professional caterer whose menus are designed to ensure the children consume tasty, nutritious food.


The Nutrition Program will impact 250 children from disadvantaged families and children at risk by supporting their wellbeing, health, and development – physically and emotionally.


The requested donation is for three years in order to create continuity for
the children and a lasting impact.

Annual Project Cost $ 350,000
Contribution of the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo $ 175,000
Management Fee $ 35,000

REQUESTED DONATION – One Year $ 210,000
REQUESTED DONATION – Three Years $ 630,000

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