Helping Arab students to overcome barriers to high education

Higher education entrance exam assistance







For many Arab students in Jaffa, the psychometric higher education entrance exam constitutes a significant barrier to higher education. This examination is not only an academic hurdle but a cognitive and emotional one too. Overcoming this requires early exposure and familiarity with the psychometric test, and giving students the academic and linguistic tools to succeed in the psychometric exam.

To address these challenges, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo Education Administration, in cooperation with Jaffa high school principals, developed a comprehensive program for Arab high school students in Jaffa.


The program includes:

Fundamentals of Psychometric Thinking course with an emphasis on Arabic. Most Arab students elect to do the psychometric exam in Hebrew even though their mother tongue is Arabic. Research shows that Arab students who do the psychometric exam in Arabic receive an average of 100 points more than Arab students who do the psychometric exam in Hebrew. This course for Grade 9 students is designed to equip them with the tools and confidence to do the psychometric exam in Arabic. Duration: 2-hour sessions over 22 weeks = 44 hours

Innovation Workshop. This workshop for Grade 10 students aims to foster their entrepreneurship, creativity, and vocational focus. Duration: 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks = 8 hours

Tours of academic institutions. Given the low exposure of many Arab students to higher education, the program offers two experiential tours of academic institutions for Grade 10 students to make them more accessible, such as the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College.

Pre-Psychometric training course. This advanced course for Grade 10 students provides tutoring in logic, mathematics, and quantitative thinking. Duration: Two-hour sessions over 22 weeks = 44 hours

English course. This advanced course for Grade 11 students targets an area of weakness for many students. It provides English language tutoring, including vocabulary, reading, comprehension, and speaking. Duration: Two-hour sessions over 22 weeks = 44 hours

600 program participants.
50 completed psychometric exams to date


The requested donation is over three years to ensure continuity and consistency of support.
Total Annual Cost $140,000

REQUESTED DONATION for three years $420,000

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