Promoting excellence in science education for high school students from all backgrounds

HEMDA Science Education Center 'Adopt-A-Class'






Project: Support advanced science education for gifted high school students in Physics, Chemistry or Computer Science.

Objective: Maximize the number of students engaging in high-level science education in a cutting-edge environment, regardless of their background, and support a culture of excellence.

Impact: The sciences are gateway subjects to engineering and high tech – critical and highly-valued professions in the Start-Up Nation. STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is also important for Israel’s

Investment: The annual donation requested is $50,000. This covers Physics, Chemistry or Computational Science curriculum for one year. To support students’ full program of study over three years (grades 10-12), the total
donation requested is $150,000.


For Students

Science is a gateway subject to engineering and high tech – critical and highly-valued professions in the Start-Up Nation. HEMDA offers a positive learning environment where students can share ideas and knowledge, engage in scientific inquiry, and excel, regardless of their background. Given HEMDA’s outstanding academic success, student demand is constantly increasing.

For Israel

HEMDA helps to build the next generation of scientists for Research & Development (R&D) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), academia, and business who will lead the State of Israel and the world into the future. Science and technology are instrumental to Israel’s defense and economy. Therefore, a pipeline of expertise in physics, chemistry, and computer science is essential to battle the new threat – cyber warfare – and to retain Israel’s competitive advantage as the ‘Start-up Nation’.

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