Growing up in Ukraine, I made Aliyah at age 15 and fell in love with Tel Aviv-Yafo when I got my Ph.D. in Chemistry at Tel Aviv University.

As the director of HEMDA, the Schwartz-Reisman Center for Science Education in Tel Aviv-Yafo, which is supported by the Tel Aviv Foundation, I am honored to be a part of our outstanding faculty of high-school science teachers, all with PhDs, developing world-leading methods for science education in Physics, Chemistry, and Computational Science.

Serving as the scientific arm of all high schools in the city, HEMDA has its own campus for science education, where our advanced-level students explore in a more profound, encompassing, and engaging way. Together, we are reimagining science education, raising the next generation of the Startup City.

Our 2,100 students from 22 high schools and demographics across the city meet and study at HEMDA on their way to becoming tomorrow’s disruptors and innovators – the next generation leaders of the Startup Nation.

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