Geula Kindergarten is dedicated in memory of former First Lady of Tel Aviv-Yafo

02 February 2021

“Being remembered by the laughter of children” – The Geula Kindergarten was recently dedicated in memory of Geula Rabinovitz, former First Lady of Tel Aviv-Yafo and kindergarten teacher who once worked in the very same building that now carries her name. The kindergarten was donated by her son and daughter-in-law, Joseph and Mirit Rabinovitz, who traveled from Los Angeles for the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the kindergarten’s parent representative, Erez Navon (pictured below), son of former President of Israel Yitzchak Navon, shared an extraordinary story. Decades ago, Geula Rabinovitz and her husband, Yehoshua (former Mayor of Tel Aviv and Israeli government minister) sent President Navon a letter of congratulations on the birth of his son, Erez. It was the very same Erez who stood with his daughter, a child in the kindergarten, before the family of Geula Rabinovitz, who dedicated the kindergarten, to close the circle.

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