Passover Project



The “Loneliness Pandemic”, prevalent around the globe in recent years, has intensified immensely following the Covid – 19 outbreak when senior citizens were among those afflicted the most. 


The Tel Aviv Foundation and the Tel Aviv – Yafo municipality have created a unique program, to ease their loneliness. With an array of technological tools, specifically designed for senior citizens, volunteers, and social workers, we set to help them reconnect. 


200 participants will take part in a 6 months program that will provide immediate solutions alleviating loneliness, increasing the participant’s wellbeing and independence –  fostering a true sense of belonging. 


In the duration of the program, trained volunteers and social workers will have weekly meetings and phone calls with the participants and will learn how to use new technological tools, helping them connect with their loved ones online. In addition, an array of courses – ranging from photography and cooking to fitness, will be available to them, on an easy-to-navigate platform that was specifically designed for the elderly. 


Mutual responsibility and a strong versatile welcoming-to-all community, which takes care of one another, are the values that drive Tel Aviv – Yafo, making it the city we are proud to call our own. As spring dawns upon the Tel-Avivian shores once again, we reach out to those in our community who need us most, ensuring that the caressing warm sun continues to illuminate the non-stop city, shining bright on us all. 


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