Liebling Haus-White City Center opens for 100 years of Bauhaus

February 2nd, 2021 | No Comments

Celebrating 100 years of the Bauhaus design movement in Tel Aviv, the newly-renovated Liebling Haus-White City Center opened on September 19, 2019. A joint project of The Tel Aviv Foundation, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and the German Government, the event was held in the presence of the current and former State Secretaries of the German Ministry for the Interior, Building and Community – Mr Marco Wanderwitz and Mr Gunther Adler – as well as the German Ambassador to Israel, Susanne Wasum-Rainer.

Liebling Haus-White City Center will showcase the “White City” through a range of exhibitions and events. This follows Tel Aviv becoming a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2003 for having the highest concentration of Bauhaus buildings in the world.

Click here for more information about Liebling Haus-White City Center.

The Bernard van Leer Foundation Board discusses Urban95 progress in Tel Aviv

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The Board of the Bernard van Leer Foundation met in Tel Aviv on September 8, 2019, with program partners The Tel Aviv Foundation and the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo to discuss progress on future plans for Urban95 in Tel Aviv. Urban95 is the family-friendly urban design program which encourages planners and service providers to imagine their city from 95cm, the average height of a three year old to create public spaces and services that promote positive early childhood development.

The program has been operating in Tel Aviv for three years and there are plans to embark on stage 2 to reach more population groups in the city.

At the same time, the study on Urban95 in Tel Aviv, published by Princeton University in collaboration with The London School of Economics, was released (click here to read), recognizing Tel Aviv as a global case study for placing early childhood at the heart of the city’s agenda.

This follows Fast Company magazine selecting Tel Aviv’s Urban95 program for an honorable mention in the Spaces, Places, and Cities category in the 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards.

The Lou Dunst Trust supports Warm Homes after-school program

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The legacy of the late Lou Dunst from San Diego, a longtime friend of Tel Aviv, was strengthened with the recent donation in his name to Warm Homes, an after-school program for children ages 3-7 from low socio-economic backgrounds in south Tel Aviv. Warm Homes provides a supervised and supportive environment for at-risk children to facilitate healthy development and prevent social delinquency.

On her visit, trustee Reina Shterenberg was moved by the deep need, and the nourishment and educational support the children receive.

New extension to the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theater opens

February 1st, 2021 | No Comments

The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theater recently opened a new rooftop studio and renovated rehearsal and performance spaces, thanks to the generosity of the Dellal Family. A project of The Tel Aviv Foundation with the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, the extensions were officially opened by Guy Dellal and family in memory of his parents, Zehava and Jack, in the presence of Mayor Ron Huldai. The event featured fantastic performances by Batsheva Dance Company, the Ironi A School of Dance, and the Maslool – Professional Dance Program at Bikurey Ha’Itim Center.

As the Suzanne Dellal Centre celebrates 30 years, it also an important part an incredible story of urban renewal. Led by the establishment of the Center, Neve Tzedek has been completely transformed from a run-down neighborhood into the ‘Soho of Tel Aviv’. Further, Suzanne Dellal has become an internationally renowned centre of dance and a vital part of Israel’s cultural landscape.

Guy Dellal reflected on his parents’ wish come true in establishing the Suzanne Dellal Centre to celebrate the life of their daughter and enrich the lives of Tel Avivians.

Photo credit: Kfir Sivan

The Shapiro Foundation expands its support for children of asylum-seekers

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Having seen the life-changing impact of after-school programs for children of asylum-seekers, Ed and Barbara Shapiro of the Shapiro Foundation from Boston decided to increase their generous support for after-school programs for children of asylum-seekers. They are now supporting a total of nine programs, providing over 300 children with essential educational and social support.

These after-school programs provide children of asylum seekers with a safe and nurturing environment from after kindergarten or school ends until the evening. Staffed by professional educators and social workers, the programs help to address many of the key challenges faced by children of asylum seekers as, otherwise, children would be roaming the streets unsupervised or in the hazardous environments of so-called pirate ‘babysitters’. The after-school programs provide the enrichment, support and nutrition children need.

Geula Kindergarten is dedicated in memory of former First Lady of Tel Aviv-Yafo

February 2nd, 2021 | No Comments

“Being remembered by the laughter of children” – The Geula Kindergarten was recently dedicated in memory of Geula Rabinovitz, former First Lady of Tel Aviv-Yafo and kindergarten teacher who once worked in the very same building that now carries her name. The kindergarten was donated by her son and daughter-in-law, Joseph and Mirit Rabinovitz, who traveled from Los Angeles for the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the kindergarten’s parent representative, Erez Navon (pictured below), son of former President of Israel Yitzchak Navon, shared an extraordinary story. Decades ago, Geula Rabinovitz and her husband, Yehoshua (former Mayor of Tel Aviv and Israeli government minister) sent President Navon a letter of congratulations on the birth of his son, Erez. It was the very same Erez who stood with his daughter, a child in the kindergarten, before the family of Geula Rabinovitz, who dedicated the kindergarten, to close the circle.

Upgrade for Bnei Dan Park

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Bnei Dan Park in Ganei Yehoshua in north Tel Aviv has undergone a significant upgrade, thanks to the generosity of Israeli sisters Judith Paz and Tova Piper, who generously supported new play equipment in loving memory of their parents, Penina and Zeev. The upgrade park will be inaugurated in the new year.

This project reflects the growing trend in Israeli philanthropy and is part of the Mayor’s vision to improve green spaces in the city.

New Beit Lessin Theater opens

February 2nd, 2021 | No Comments

With the recent opening of the new Beit Lessin theater came the announcement that it has been generously supported by Israeli-Peruvian donor, Baruch Ivcher. The brand new building contains two state-of-the theaters and is located on the corner of Frishman and Dizengoff streets, reflecting the centrality of Beit Lessin Theater to Tel Aviv’s and Israel’s cultural life.

Baruch Ivcher is an Israeli-born businessman and an important public figure and human rights activist in Peru. He is an exemplary example of an Israeli who has been successful globally, and still maintains a warm and close relationship with Israel and contributes to Israeli society.

Mr. Ivcher was born in 1940 in Hadera, and served in the IDF in the Signal Corps. In 1967, he graduated from the Hebrew University Law School and opened a law firm in his home town. Shortly thereafter, he pursued a two-year business opportunity in Peru, and has remained there to this day. He opened a small factory in Peru, and later established an “Open House” which hosted Israeli travelers.

In 1984, Mr. Ivcher received Peruvian citizenship, and his business ventures continued to prosper. He turned his interest to the media industry, and by the early 1990’s he was the owner of the second-largest television station in Peru. As a valiant warrior for freedom of expression, Mr. Ivcher nurtured journalistic freedom among his station’s reporters, who had exposed corruption in the government leadership, with direct relation to drug trafficking. In an attempt to silence the station’s critical voice, the dictatorial Peruvian regime began a campaign of persecution and false accusation against Mr. Archer, including claims of treason that carry a death penalty. In 1997, the regime withdrew his citizenship and confiscated all his property and businesses.

During this period, while residing in Herzliya and in Miami, Mr. Ivcher received strong support for his brave stance from the U.S. Congress and in Europe.

After years of effort, Mr. Ivcher won a trial against the Peruvian government in the International Court in Costa Rica. After the fall of the dictatorial regime and the President’s exile from Peru, Mr. Ivcher returned to Peru, regaining his citizenship and property.

Local shopkeepers in Jaffa celebrating digital coin campaign success

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Local businesses on Jerusalem Boulevard in Jaffa were, until a month ago, facing financial ruin in the wake of total street closures due to the light rail construction. However, the digital currency campaign initiated by the Tel Aviv Foundation in partnership with the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and Colu, has injected some $600,000 into the local economy, drawing 4,000 additional customers to support 100 local businesses – a huge boost for the neighborhood and the livelihoods of those who live and work there.

Shopkeepers on Jerusalem Boulevard testified to the campaign’s success, saying:
“The distribution of the city coin has made a significant difference to business owners; some say it’s halted their losses.”
“Thanks to the campaign, I have a lot of new customers, including people from outside the neighborhood and customers who wouldn’t otherwise shop here.”

Dr Hila Oren, CEO, talks about the importance of this project in relation to smart cities in a recent interview – Click to watch or read.

Students Housing Scholarships Distributed

February 2nd, 2021 | No Comments

Just in time for Passover, Housing Scholarships were distributed as follows:

Tel Aviv University – 89, Kibbutzim College – 2, Academic College – 45,
Nissan Nativ Acting Studio – 10, The Yoram Levinstein’s Performing Arts Studio – 10