• Immediately assisting communities and individuals most severely affected by the Covid – 19 crisis

    The Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Emergency Relief Fund

    The emergency fund is a financial tool of the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, used in a time of crisis. It provides an immediate efficient response and strengthens the city’s resilience. THE NEED Emergency fund towards immediately assisting the most challenged and vulnerable communities in Tel Aviv-Yafo during the Coronavirus crisis. OBJECTIVE The fund will expand the […]

  • The Dekel School nutritional program

    The staff of the Dekel School provides a “home-away from-home” and offers its students the necessities they do not receive from their families. Since 2011, thanks to the generosity of Eli & Edythe Broad, the students enjoy a hot meal including protein, vegetables and fruit, and after lunch, the students continue to learn until the […]

  • Ensuring Tel Aviv’s cultural heritage lives on for future generations to come

    City Artist Project

    THE PROJECT The City Artist program is designed to showcase the work of an important iconic artist who grew up in Tel Aviv. It aims to cultivate a love and appreciation of historic Israeli cultural figures among new generations of Israelis who may not be familiar with the artist’s work. Each year, a new artist […]

  • Equipping students with skills to integrate into the workforce and contribute to Israeli society

    Vocational training at Miftan Alon high school

    PROJECT  Establish a social enterprise, a private function center, run by students at Miftan Alon High School. OBJECTIVE Teach vocational skills to students who struggle to achieve academically, to equip them to join the workforce. IMPORTANCE Hands-on vocational learning cultivates a sense of confidence, responsibility, decision-making, and other life skills, and empowers students to become […]

  • Helping Arab students to overcome barriers to high education

    Higher education entrance exam assistance

    PROJECT For many Arab students in Jaffa, the psychometric higher education entrance exam constitutes a significant barrier to higher education. This examination is not only an academic hurdle but a cognitive and emotional one too. Overcoming this requires early exposure and familiarity with the psychometric test, and giving students the academic and linguistic tools to […]

  • Increasing academic readiness and child safety

    Extended learning and enrichment hours at school.

    PROJECT The Extended School Day program aims to provide additional learning and enrichment for students in grades 1–3 in elementary schools in south Tel Aviv and Yafo. OBJECTIVE The program aims to support and enrich children from low socio-economic areas educationally and socially, and to provide them with a safe environment while their parents are […]

  • Protecting our most vulnerable from abuse and exploitation

    Yad Riva – Legal Aid for the Elderly

    BACKGROUND  Yad Riva is an award-winning non-profit organization (NGO) that works throughout the country to protect the elderly population from abuse and exploitation and assist them with recognizing and exercising their rights. It works in cooperation with another NGO, Yad Sarah, and operates advocacy centers and legal counsel services out of some of its branches. […]



All funds raised are designated for specific projects and are matched dollar for dollar by the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo


Dollar-for-dollar matching by the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo